Types of Auction

What do all the symbols mean? Here is an explanation of all of them.

free Free auction - This auction does not debit your bid balance and is free for all members to participate in. The winner will have to pay for the item won.


beginner  Beginner auction - This auction is for newbies (or new members) who has not won an auction before. Members who have never participate in an auction before are encouraged to start their bidding with such auctions first.

NB: A user who placed bids on a beginner auction but won another auction first will NOT be able to continue bidding on the beginner auction.


featured Featured auction - This auction represents an item that is most sought after. Most likely there will be more bidders for such auctions.


nobutler Nailbiter auction - The Bid Butler is not usable in such auctions. All members will have to bid for the item manually.


Auctions have different incrementing value. They vary from $0.01 to $0.05 cents. Regular auctions refers to normal auctions which all members can participate.